Tuesday,October 17th  2017
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Phone Skope


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Phone Skope is an adapter that connects cameras or phones to multiple other types of optics.

* HUNTING - Attach your phone to a Spotting Scope for easy viewing of wildlife.  You can also use the spotting scope with a phone to make for easy viewing of a target at the shooting range. 

* PHOTOGRAPHY - Take breathtaking pictures through your spotting scope or binoculars.  Use a camera or your phone to get real CLOSE-UP Images.

* SURVEYING - Utilize your phone or camera to attach to your Surveying equipment.  You will find that there are many times that a simple picture can help.

* BIRD WATCHING - The camera and phone adapter allows for easy viewing of wildlife without the need to place your eye to the eyepiece.  The ability to get close up images with binoculars or a spotting scope is a lot better than the zoom of a camera

* ASTRONOMY - Attach your Phone or Camera to your favorite star gazer and be amazed by how easy it is to share the viewing with the family or friends.  No more taking turns looking through the lens. 

* MICROSCOPES - A great and easy way to capture and catalog images from those slides you have been looking through.  See the slide without craning your neck or back.


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