Wednesday,October 18th  2017
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Why is there an Ammunition Shortage - Beaver - Southern Utah - 4-10-13 - 22 ammo shortage

We have had a lot of people coming in and asking about the shortage on ammo.  From what we hear, it seems that the major cities in Utah have little or no ammo; when ammo does hit a shelf, it is gone within hours or even minutes.  Some stores have gone to a "Lottery" system.  We have numerous people a day calling or stopping in to ask about ammo and they are continually shocked that we still have a pretty good stock in.  We have continued to have a hard time ordering and getting ANY calibers, but we started rationing early so that we could maintain stock long-term.

I believe that the shortage can be blamed on many different things and I have heard them all! I have heard that the Government is buying it all so that we can't.  I have heard that manufacturers are all controlled by one Anti-Gun guy (Soros) and that is why it is unavailable.  We have heard that the military is buying all the components, that the government is making it hard to get lead or brass..  It goes on and on...

Truth is... I don't believe most of them.  I believe that it is mainly a simple case of Supply and Demand.  Too many people want them and the manufacturers are unable to "Keep up" with the orders. 

The second reason is the stockpiling of components.  More and More people are deciding to go the "Reloading" route so that they know that they will always have bullets.  This causes an increase to the demands of powder, brass, lead, copper, etc.  Even the "Expensive/Custom" bullet industry is booming.  More calibers are being produced and more companies are stockpiling components.  Yes, the government has bought some "larger than normal" supplies of bullets, but I don't think this is why we are having a hard time getting 22 LR and 30-30 ammo. 

The third reason in my opinion is the company focus.  Most companies are going to focus on the most popular ammo right now.  They are facing an internal component shortage and need to utilize the Lead, Brass and Powder in the most profitable areas now. This causes them to focus on 223, 308, 9mm, 40, 45, etc. Because they are focusing on specific calibers, this causes other calibers to have a shortage.

I personally know of multiple people that have 10,000 + rounds of 223 or 22LR and they are still looking for more. The Stockpiling is one of the biggest culpruts for the demand being so high.

I like to call it the "Hostess Theory".  When Hostess announced that they were going out of business, everyone wanted a Twinkie.  Even if you didn't like twinkies, you found yourself putting one in the freezer, just in case.  I saw them selling for 20+ dollars a box online.  When the president announced the possibility of "Gun Control" or "Restrictions", that made people around the country worried that they wouldn't be able to get their "Twinkies" anymore. (Anyone been through a hurricane and tried to get Water at the supermarket?)

Like most things, this too will pass.  Prices may go up a little, but you will be able to get 22 ammo. It may be a while for the manufacturers to catch up.  Some of you may need to borrow from your neighbors 10,000 + stash for the summer, but it will come back.  Have fun... Enjoy your guns and be safe.  And please... Stop worrying so much.

Jason - Beaver Sport - Beaver Utah

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