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Ammunition Update September 2013 - Southern Utah

We have had a ton of requests and questions about the Ammo shortage and pricing.

As of now, ammunition prices went up around 10%. This isn't a crazy amount. A box of 22 that was $18.89 is now around $21.00.  This is a common thing to happen.  In the 80's you could have bought a box of 22 ammo for under $10.00. 

The problem comes in when you add capitalism to the equation.  There are a lot of people that are now raking in money because of the shortage and the willingness of the consumer to spend more than it is worth to buy it.  It always comes back down, but we are in the middle of that frenzy.

Look at Elmo... When he came out multiple years ago, people were selling them on E-bay for Ridiculous amounts. Twinkies were being frozen a year ago, Xbox has caused a stir multiple times, Movies are common to create a line to be the first to see it. Like Elmo, Xbox, Movies or Twinkies... This too will pass.

We have seen an increase in availability for some calibers.  223 and 7.62x39 have been easier to get the last month. 9, 40 and 45 are becoming more readily available. While 38, 357, and rimfire have been extremely difficult.

Some light at the end of the Ammunition tunnel, but not much.  I will keep you posted on the Ammo Update page.


Gun Mags Available in Beaver, Southern Utah

Keep in mind that this list does not include any odd/unique magazines.  Please contact us if you are looking for a specific mag. We are currently not shipping Magazines.  Some Mags are available for shipping - Please call to do a Phone Order - 800-837-0949

We have 1000's of magazines - Feel free to email if you have a magazine you are looking for.

Glock Magazines - Call or email for current availability

Glock 19                                         $19.89 
Glock 22                                         $19.89
31 Round Glock 40 S&W                   $39.89
33 Round Glock 9mm                       $39.89

AK 47 Magazines - Steel - Call or email for availability

40 Round                                       $35.00
30 Round                                       $25.00

AR 15 Magazines

Aluminum                                      $20.00
PMags                                           $16.89
Amend 2                                       $18.89

Sig Sauer


M1 Carbine Magazines

15 round Capacity mags                    $22.00
30 Round Capacity Magazine              $27.00

Smith and Wesson

Sigma 9mm and 40 Mags for sale
S&W Tactical Magazine for Sale
M&P 40 and 357 sig 15 Rds Magazine


PT-111 Magazine for Sale
PT-92 Magazine for Sale
PT-9 Magazine for Sale
PT-911 Magazine for Sale
PT-24/7 Magazine for Sale


XD9 Sub Compact - 13 Rd Magazine for sale
XD 357 Sig 12 Round Magazine for sale
XD 45 10 Round Magazine for sale

Southern Utah Ammo News 3-5-13

Ammo Update for Beaver in Southern Utah - 3-5-13

We have most calibers available - We are currently out of 22 LR and 5.7x28.

All other standard calibers are available. We have limits on amounts you can order on certain calibers.

223 - 2 Boxes
9mm - 1 Box
380 - 5 Boxes
40 S&W - 5 Boxes
45 Auto - 5 Boxes
38 SP - 5 Boxes
30-30 - 1 Box
357 Mag - 5 Boxes

We haven't adjusted pricing on boxes, just limited quantities.  This eliminates the individuals trying to resell ammo for a profit and makes it available for everyone.  These limits are per day / per group.

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