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Bad Ass Tactical AR15 Reviews

This is a page dedicated to the reviews and opinons of the Bad Ass Tactical Mule AR-15 in 5.56/223.  If you would like to add your opinon/review, please send it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

These reviews are not filtered.  We provide all feedback when we review firearms.

** REVIEW **

My first impression of the firearm was that it LOOKED really cool.  The way they matched the look of the Forerails and the muzzle break make the gun unique. The gun is average in weight, I wouldn't call it light, but balances well. The trigger is good, but could be improved if this is important to you. For me the trigger was fine.  My first few rounds shocked me in how well the Muzzle break works. I felt almost no recoil.  I didn't test how loud the muzzle break makes the firearm, but I would guess that I wouldn't want to shoot it without ear protection.

I had no failure to feed or eject issues and believe that this is the smoothest ar-15 I have shot.  The quality of the machining and internal parts make this a great gun for someone looking for a high-end gun with a great price.  I spoke to one of the owners of the company and feel confident if I ever have problems with the gun, I can get immediate support from them.  They have a lot of pride in the guns they manufacture and want to make sure that I am satisfied.  That means a lot to me.  Some of the bigger companies seem to take advantage of the customer.  He talked to me about some of the add-ons and I can't wait to add a Grenade launcher to the gun. I am excited about the direction this company is going and I will definately be watching their progress.

I have done a lot of research on AR manufacturers and I believe this one is up there with some of the best.

Jason - Utah

** Review **

I have been looking at different AR's and have done my research. I was considering putting in for a Rock River, Hogan or Lewis Machine.  But, when I came into Beaver Sport and saw the Bad Ass Tactical AR, I couldn't resist.  It met all the criteria that I was looking for in my gun and was a little less than what I would have paid for the others.

 - After trying it out -

I was not disappointed... This is an amazing gun.  The muzzle break is really impressive and I like the way that it balances when I pull it up.  I was hitting everything that I targeted.  Thanks again, I am very impressed and excited to get another one down the road.

Bob - Utah


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