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Beaver Utah Fishing Report

Everything you need to know about Fishing the Lakes in Beaver Utah


Beaver River - Located in the Mountains to the East of Beaver Utah, the Beaver river contains Rainbow, Brown and Brook trout.  This river is stocked multiple times per year and their are tons of Old and Native fish to catch.  Standard fish are between 6 and 14 inches, but Brown trout can get up to the 20-25 inches and the 2-5 lb range. (Fishing available March through October - Approx.) 

Detailed Fishing report on The Beaver River 

Minersville Reservoir - Located West of Beaver near Minersville, Utah.  This Reservoir was changed to a Trophy Lake in the late 90's.  The lake contains Large Trout, Wipers and Smallmouth Bass.  The regulations state that you can keep one fish per day and it must be 22" in length.  To learn more about the Regulations, please visit the Utah DWR website.  (Fishing Available March through November -Approx.)(Ice Fishing available)

Detailed Fishing report on Minersville Reservoir

Little Reservoir - Located East of Beaver at an elavation of 7,354 ft.  Little reservoir is famous for its "Gigantic" Brown trout.  Very few people have been able to catch one of these monsters, but they are in there.  The Large Brown trout usually hide out during the day and come out at night to feed on minnows.  Periodically if you visit the lake at night with a Flashlight, you will see one of the Browns chasing minnows in the shallow portions of the lake.  There are multiple camping sites available at the Little Reservoir Campground.  These sites can fill up quickly on busy weekends, so make sure and get there early. (Fishing available when the road is open.  Freezes over during winter)(Ice fishing available by walking-in or snowmobile in Winter... about a 1/2-3/4 mile hike)

Detailed Fishing report on Little Reservoir

Lower Kents Lake (Tushar) - Lower Kents is home of a large campground that has been used for years by youth and scout groups.  This lake can get a little mossy, but it also has some of the prettiest Brook Trout you have ever seen. It is right next to Kents, Upper kents and not far from Little Reservoir.  This is a great place to camp for kids as their are a ton of places to explore. (Fishing Available when the road is open.  Freezes over during winter)

Detailed Fishing report on Lower Kents Lake

Kents Lake - Kent's lake is one of the larger lakes on Beaver Mountain.  Located at an elevation of 8790 ft., it is a great place to enjoy the view and set up camp.  The Kent's lake campground is large and contains spots with amazing views and good privacy.  Come to Kent's lake campground on an off weekend or during the week and you may just be one of very few people on the lake.  Kents lake is the only lake on Beaver Mountain that allows boats with a small trolling motor.  The views from this lake are AMAZING! (Fishing available when roads are open)(Ice fishing during winter by snowmobile - too far to hike)

Detailed Fishing report on Kents Lake

Upper Kents Lake - At an elevation of 8989 ft., Upper Kents is within a half of a mile from Kents lake.  Stocked yearly, Upper Kents provides a great place to sit back and relax on the shores and enjoy the Tranquility of the outdoors. (Fishing available when road is open) 

Detailed Fishing report on Upper Kents Lake

Anderson Meadow - One of our Favorite lakes on the mountain, Anderson Meadow sits at an elevation of 9355 ft.  This lake is considered to be one of the prettiest areas for fishing and camping on the mountain.  Anderson meadow  is the 3rd highest lake on Beaver Mountain and contains large numbers of stocked rainbow trout.  Whether you have a float tube or are fishing from shore, there are plenty of spots to do some great fly fishing without worrying about overhanging trees.  During the Fly Hatches, this lake looks like it is raining with all of the fish jumping!  This lake is a Fly Fisherman's DREAM! (Higher lake, so road is closed earlier than Little Res. and Kents)

Detailed Fishing report on Anderson Meadow

Lebaron Reservoir - Another Great Lake!  Lebaron Reservoir is at an elevation of 9905 ft. and is the highest lake on Beaver Mountain. It is a beautiful lake that sits in a large valley.  The lake is open around the edges, so fly fishing or bait fishing are both available.  Lebaron is usually a little less busy because it is a few miles further than most of the other lakes. (Higher lake, so fishing ends earlier and starts later.)

Detailed Fishing report on Lebaron Reservoir

Puffer Lake - Located above Elk Meadows, Puffer lake is a beautfiul fishing destination.  Unfortunately, most of the lake is privately owned and only a small portion of the lake is available to the public.  If you would like to learn more about what portion is public, please stop in the store or email us for information. (Fishing is available when Road is open and Ice is clear

Detailed Fishing report on Puffer Lake

Three Creeks Reservoir - Three creeks is a water reserve reservoir located at an elevation of 8619 ft.  A reserve reservoir means that every year they release the water through the dam to allow for extra water for farming.  Typically Three Creeks reservoir is drained in July or August.  When the lake is full, there is some great fishing.  Strawberry flat and some great river fishing is located above the lake.  There are also multiple four wheeler trails that connect in this area.  (Fishing is available March/April through July/August)

Detailed Fishing report on Three Creeks Reservoir

Merchant Valley Dam - Merchant Valley Dam is next to the main road at an elevation of 8395 ft. and is easily accessible most of the year.  During winter months the lake does freeze over.  One of the best Sledding and Tubing can be obtained just above the lake in the winter months.  During the spring and summer, the river that flows into Merchant Valley is some of the best fly fishing around.  Grab your Waders and have a blast in this small but fish-healthy river. 

Detailed Fishing report on Merchant Valley Dam

Indian Creek Reservoir - Indian Creek is a less common place for tourists and can be an amazing getaway.  It is located at an elevation of 8013 ft.  Local knowledge says that some great fishiing can be achieved at this lake and rivers above.  Multiple camping areas are available in the area and beautiful scenery and wildlife await you.  (Fishing is available when roads are clear.  Lake freezes over in Winter

Detailed Fishing report on Indian Creek Reservoir

Regulations can change for these lakes at any time.  This page is for information purposes only and may not be up to date with the regulations set in place by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.  Please visit their website for up to date information.

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