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Wildlife Tour - Animal Sightseeing Tour

Wildlife Tour
Animal Sightseeing Tour

Join one of our guides on a trip into the mountains to spot local wildlife in their natural environment.  You will have an opportunity to see Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Turkey's, Porcupine and many more.

This excursion includes 4-wheel transportation to rugged parts of Beaver County and/or Light trails. We will do everything we can to get you to see wildlife. There may be circumstances where the wildlife do not cooperate.

6 Hour Wildlife Excursion - Morning - 7:00-1:00 - Evening - 2:00-8:00

4 Hour Wildlife Excursion - Morning - 6:00-10:00 - Evening - 4:00-8:00


Ghost Town/Mining Town Tours - Southern Utah

Ghost Town and Mining Town Tours

Southern Utah - Beaver County and Iron County

Visit some of the Towns from the Old West - Enjoy the world as it was over 100 years ago in some of Utah's Coolest old abandoned Towns. Metal Detectors available for Rent.

Frisco Mining Town and Newhouse Tour - Tour a "community" that was at one time up to 5,000 people.  This small mining community is said to have had multiple Bars, Brothels and Hotels.  It is said that 5-7 Murders were committed in this town on a daily basis.  Mainly because people were looking to get positions and the Frisco Mine.  Tour includes the Original Kiln's for Melting Silver, foundations of the original work buildings, a tour of the Cemetery still in place on the property and hikes around the surrounding area.

Shauntie/Shawnee - Booming Mining town during the 1870's - Abandoned between 1880 and 1910. It was then re-opened for a few years. There were approx. 40 houses Hotels, Saloons, Post Office and Stores.  Great place to do some metal detecting.

Lund and Beryl - Iron County - Small Railroad Towns that would have been common stops on the travel south in Utah before the creation of I-15.   


Rock Hounding Adventure Tour - Southern Utah, Beaver County

Rock Hounding Adventure Tour
Beaver County - Southern Utah

This is an opportunity to take a half day or full day tour by an experienced local Rock Hound.

We have multiple areas around Beaver that are great for surface rock hounding and within 2 Hours driving distance you can find all kinds of different types of specimens.

Types of Rock commonly found

Agate  Barite Calcite Galena
Beryl Quartz Feldspar Magnetite

Big Game and Turkey Calling Adventures - Southern Utah

Big Game and Turkey Calling
Southern Utah - Beaver

This is an opportunity for you to get up close and personal with some of the wildlife in Beaver County.  This is an exciting event each year.  We will take groups into the mountains during Mating season for different animals at different times of the year. We will hike into prime hunting areas and call back and forth with Turkeys, Elk and Deer.  For smaller groups, we can sometimes get within 50 yards of these beautiful animals.

Deer Calling Trip - 4 Hour Trip - Includes training beforehand on how to properly use the Calls.

Elk Calling Trip - 4 Hour Trip - Includes Training on how to use the Calls.

Turkey Calling Trip - 4 Hour Trip - Includes Training on how to use the Calls.

All trips will include proper hunting attire.  Camoflauge/Hats/Facemasks/Gloves etc.  Please bring Jeans and Hiking Shoes. Snacks and Drinks will be included. (Soda/Gatorade/Water)

No animals will be hurt during the Calling Adventures.  We will not be taking firearms or weapons of any kind. If you want more information, please visit our Hunting Tours in Southern Utah page.

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