Tuesday,October 17th  2017
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Ghost Town and Mining Town Tours

Southern Utah - Beaver County and Iron County

Visit some of the Towns from the Old West - Enjoy the world as it was over 100 years ago in some of Utah's Coolest old abandoned Towns. Metal Detectors available for Rent.

Frisco Mining Town and Newhouse Tour - Tour a "community" that was at one time up to 5,000 people.  This small mining community is said to have had multiple Bars, Brothels and Hotels.  It is said that 5-7 Murders were committed in this town on a daily basis.  Mainly because people were looking to get positions and the Frisco Mine.  Tour includes the Original Kiln's for Melting Silver, foundations of the original work buildings, a tour of the Cemetery still in place on the property and hikes around the surrounding area.

Shauntie/Shawnee - Booming Mining town during the 1870's - Abandoned between 1880 and 1910. It was then re-opened for a few years. There were approx. 40 houses Hotels, Saloons, Post Office and Stores.  Great place to do some metal detecting.

Lund and Beryl - Iron County - Small Railroad Towns that would have been common stops on the travel south in Utah before the creation of I-15.   


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